Keyword Management for SMS Marketing

SMS Text Message Marketing & Advertising Campaigns
Mobile Marketing made Easy

  • Manage your shared & exclusive SMS Shortcodes
  • Measure Your Media & Customer Acquisition
  • Tickets, Competitions, Vouchers – Easy!

Sending & Receiving SMS Messages in your Applications with a few lines of code

Quick, Simple Set-up
Set a Keyword, Apply an Action and your Mobile Marketing Campaign is launched.

Enhanced Messaging
Deliver WAP or live internet content and even trigger email delivery of promotional material.

White Label Ready
Re-brand and tailor Bulletin’s services to operate in your company’s livery and platforms.

Logs & Reports
Get reports on message activity for each of your Numbers and access the reports remotely.

SMS an Extract of a Web Page
Use live content from dynamic webpages and

Lookup SMS Response from a File
Bulletin Keyword Management can deliver content from files, upload and store within the Application.

Why Bulletin Keyword Management?

Unlock customer value and competitive advantage through harnessing the growing Mobile Market
Bulletin Keyword Management is one of the most powerful and effective ways of contacting and being contacted by consumers and customers available in the rapidly growing new mobile world. Mobile Phone users can find out more information immediately or at the time they most need it. The customer is being reached at the immediate time they are engaged and interested in your product or service.

  • Fast set up of SMS Text Messaging marketing and promotional campaigns.
  • Easy to use and manage your campaigns.
  • Comprehensive message logging.
  • Online reporting of campaign activity usage.
  • A built-in media gallery to store and source your message responses.
  • Provides an instant call-to-action for your customers.
  • Highly cost-effective way to deliver highly-targeted messages.


User Guide

Mobile Marketing made Easy

Unlock customer value and competitive advantage through harnessing the growing Mobile Market with Bulletin Keyword Management.