ResourceWare International Ltd assists companies to gain and retain competitive advantage through the ResMan® Application suite of activity tracking software.
The ResMan® software is a single product with standard configuration files for a number of vertical markets including Recruitment & HR, Community Services, Professional Services, Health & Safety, Training and Case Management providers. These files are then uniquely fine-tuned for each customer, and all set-ups support SMS integration.
The modular end-to-end software is enterprise scalable and user-configurable, empowering customers with the business tools to define, organise and track their own unique workflows and business processes.


In the highly competitive recruitment market, speed is of the essence among competing agencies when they are looking to place the right candidates in available roles.
Recruiters need an efficient way to contact staff that is simple, fast and cost effective.
Mike McDermott, Managing Director, Resourceware International Ltd, said that ResMan® Recruitment customers are typically busy recruiters looking to fill vacancies quickly. “Our customers are looking for a much faster way to keep in touch with candidates than conventional emails. For those in medical recruitment and labour-hire their need for quick communication is more immediate still.”


ResourceWare first integrated with Bulletin’s email-to-SMS gateway more than 10 years ago.
“When we first integrated with Bulletin’s email-to-SMS gateway, customer take-up was quite slow. But over recent years SMS connectivity has become essential and the need for our customers to contact people quickly has led to an increase in the uptake of SMS services” said Mike.
The company now has more than 100 client sites across various industries in NZ and overseas and around 25% of these clients are using the SMS functionality in ResMan. The company has received more enquiries for SMS integration during the past year than ever before.


ResMan® makes sending SMS messages to the right people as easy as a single click – the system even allows multiple SMS templates to be set up so ResMan users don’t need to think up the words themselves or write the text to use. supports global two-way messaging, allowing customers to handle, track and easily identify replies via a conversation ID. Mike said, “ResMan automatically saves all the sent SMS messages to the relevant people’s “history” in the system – and it intercepts the SMS replies and allows these to be linked, too, providing a complete and searchable record of communication.”
“From a product point of view, SMS is one of the few we’re aware of that easily routes recipients’ responses directly back to the initiating email address when they send an SMS “Reply”. This means responses are received back into the appropriate email Inbox, so our software can recognise the contact details to facilitate automated logging of responses received.”


Mike said, “Our customers find SMS much faster than conventional emails and a bulk-SMS is the only practical way to broadcast an urgent job to a targeted list of workers. When you send an SMS you are much more likely to get a quick reply.”
As a communication tool SMS is immediate, non-intrusive and interactive. Another benefit of SMS is that 97 percent of all SMS messages are opened and 83 percent are opened within one hour.
This high open rate is key to filling last minute job vacancies. Mike said, “SMS not only simplifies the communication processes, but has proven to be a much more effective method for contacting candidates, who prefer receiving a text message which they can respond to quickly and easily, rather than waiting around for a phone call.”
Mike said that they find working with very easy. “We know Bulletin’s SMS gateway works well from our own experience as a Bulletin account holder, and the communication we receive from in setting up and supporting new customers is excellent.

About Bulletin

Bulletin Messenger allows sending two-way SMS from our online platform, and offers a large number of integrations with third-party software, such as ResMan.
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