School-links is New Zealand’s leading online communications tool in schools and early childhood centres, delivering hundreds of thousands of important messages every month. School-links help connect schools and their families, staff and supporters and believe in the importance of community engagement in school life and crucially in the safety and security of staff and students. They gained Ministry of Education approval for Early Notification services in 2006 and are the most experienced provider of Absence Management (Early Notification) in New Zealand. School-links uses SMS, powered by Bulletin software, to ensure communication reaches parents in a timely and effective manner.


Alerting parents to absent students or school closures is an essential and at times critical ability for a school to have. Previous communications channels were inefficient and time-consuming, and getting the message across was difficult. Relying on phone calls or emails was largely ineffective. Schools needed an easy to use, effective, efficient dependable solution to they could use to communicate with parents in a moment’s notice.


Integrating the School-links solution to Bulletin’s software to utilise SMS as a way of communicating with parents was the ideal solution. Open rates for SMS messages are a phenomenal 98%, compared to 20% for Emails, 29% for Tweets and 12% for Facebook posts.


Using the Web or a Smartphone, schools can send alerts and updates to parents and caregivers via SMS at the click of a button. School administrators can also send text alerts and receive responses direct into the School Management Software for Early Notification which means Schools and parents can quickly become aware of a student disappearance and take action. School-links chose to partner with Bulletin to ensure all communications were sent using Bulletin’s dependable, easy to Implement and patented software.

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Latest News

School-links responds to BoT and School Leader demand for Emergency Alert Service that meets H&S Act 2015 requirements


$30/month standalone Emergency Alert package announced


School-links Emergency Alert Service ticks the Health & Safety due diligence box, both at school and when involved in EOTC. To date this service has been part of a suite of communication tools but a standalone version has now been launched to cater for demand from school leaders.


Why the School-links Emergency Alert service?


1) Immediate: School-links uses text and does not rely on an App notification. Parents can fail to download an App or forget to turn on Push Notifications rendering an App unreliable in the event of an emergency.


2) Reliable: School-links provides instant delivery reports to identify caregivers who have not received the alert and may need to be contacted by other means. There’s your audit trail.


3) Mobile: School-links includes a Management App to send the text remotely in the event of an incident whilst on a school trip, or where a situation requires a school evacuation. A school leader can send a text and check delivery reports via an iOS, Android app or from any smart device.


For details on this exciting new service please contact Andrew Balfour on 0800 333 480 or


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