Marketers Leverage Bulletin Campaigner To Engage Their Audience

 As media continues to increasingly be more mobile, particularly with the fast-rising smart phone and tablet markets, marketers are aggressively searching for new ways to reach their on-the-go audiences. Bulletin Campaigner provides marketers with one of the most powerful and effective avenues to contact, and be contacted by, customers and consumers in the rapidly growing new mobile world by engaging audiences via SMS messages on their mobile phones. The effectiveness of SMS campaigns can, in part, be contributed to the ubiquitous aspect of SMS messages – they are accessible on all mobile phones.

Bulletin Campaigner can be easily integrated into [...]

Messenger Touch2TXT is Here!

The Bulletin Messenger platform has now been extended to all Smart phone platforms (Android, iOS (iPad, iPhone), Windows, and also Kindle 3) which means that our robust platform is accessible anywhere, anytime!

Very useful for those clients that are regularly on the move (Bankers, Lawyers, Emergency Services, Engineers) and require instant access to our Messenger platform!

I tested the product on various mobile platforms and I have to say I had a very positive user experience. Like the Online platform, the interface is very user friendly indeed and easy to navigate around!

It contains the standard Online platform features such as ‘Send [...]

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