Building loyalty 160 characters at a time

Firstly, what is loyalty? I’ve been questioning what loyalty is both from a consumer perspective and as a provider, and the quote below got me thinking about it again today.

All real loyalty programs start in the same place: creating an experience or a product that is its own reward. We’re loyal because it makes us feel good, not because we’re being bribed.

While talking to my new Barista about why I was spending more of my money there now rather than spreading it around, we started to talk about what I do and he asked some great [...]

Mobile Marketing – A Golden Opportunity

There are so many demands on our marketing budget. Where does a modern marketer invest their resources make the most impact for their brand? There is one device that has infiltrated nearly everyone’s life – the mobile phone.

SMS on mobiles is ubiquitous. A successful well-planned mobile marketing strategy now delivers a larger bang for your marketing buck. SMS text messaging works. With SMS text messages averaging 92% open rate within an hour of receipt, it is certainly the number one channel for the modern audience.

Let us take a simple example of a brand wanting to talk with its customers. A simple campaign calling an inbound [...]

New SMS virtual numbers released

Question: What’s better than being in California?
Answer: Having a Virtual number in California!

Now you too can have all the benefits of being ‘local’ while still being able to enjoy the clean mountain air and real food while driving your classic truck listening to rock and roll.  Bulletin has just released new Virtual numbers for California (and many other locations) and you can reserve yours today.  A Virtual number for SMS gives you brand power and recognition at a low cost compared with a short code and receive SMS on line. Your SMS number is [...]

SMS en France

For the mad keen cyclists around the world, the next month is one they have been waiting for since around this time last year.  All eyes will be on France and the race for the yellow jersey and it will be epic.  If you are heading over there to see the folie in person then pick up one of our virtual numbers before you go (or even while you are there!) and save the family and friends those horrible international SMS charges.

For those left at home to follow it on line, in the papers or on the biggest TV your friends [...]

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