iPhone 4 raw SMS PDU Exploit – Effects and Replication

WP_iOSalertThe Text Messaging community had in effect, an earthquake last week, due to a discovery by pod2g. It was discovered that iOS shows the SMS UDH Reply Address within the user interface, instead of the original source number. In a nutshell you can send message from a normal on-net handset that appear to be coming from elsewhere to iPhone devices.

Different carriers will have different ways of dealing with the UDH content and you may find that your carrier strips it out, but on Vodafone New Zealand, the UDH data is transmitted fully to the recipient handset. It [...]

August Newsletter


With all the coverage and attention focused on mobile Internet and its impact on consumers and businesses and the shrinking use of voice telephony,¬†the use and expansion of A2P SMS services continues to march forward…

Mobile messaging, which has been with us nearly as long as mobile voice communications, remains a growing segment in mobile communications, particularly as businesses increasingly turn to the use of text or multimedia messaging to establish two-way relationships with their workforce and /or its consumers.

Today there are many great text messaging [...]

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