Bulletin At Work: South Carolina Department of Corrections Partners With Bulletin

The South Carolina Department of Corrections has partnered with Bulletin.net to improve their internal communication channel throughout their expansive penitentiary system. There are currently over 7,225,800 people incarcerated or on parole in the Unites States. With only 270,317 correctional officers on staff – a 26-to-1 ratio – efficient communication is crucial. To address their diverse communications needs the South Carolina Department of Corrections reached out to Bulletin.net to implement the company’s industry-leading Bulletin Messenger platform to improve communication, teamwork and productivity inside the state prison system.

Retailers Driving Foot Traffic, and Sales, With Interactive SMS

Retailers are arming themselves with a new weapon to increase foot traffic, and ultimately sales, in their stores – interactive in-store SMS marketing. SMS (text messaging) has quickly become ubiquitous as all mobile phones have the ability to send and receive SMS, and retailers are taking advantage of societies new favorite communication medium. Consumers now bring more than their pocket book with them when shopping as they now come bearing mobile phones and, in growing numbers, the two are becoming the same via mCommerce.

With mCommerce (mobile commerce and marketing), consumers are now receiving in-store promotions when it’s most effective – when they are actually in the store – and [...]

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Puma NZ – Case Study

After extensive research Puma New Zealand recently decided to use SMS as part of their marketing mix after determining that it provided a low cost, relevant way to interact with their customers.  Using dedicated short codes it increases brand visibility and the interaction augments their contact database allowing them to both broadcast special offers to increase traffic into their stores and, to join the conversation with the texting youth market.

Puma has two flagship stores in New Zealand, one at Auckland and other at Christchurch.  Store Managers of both stores are excited (and relieved too) with the simplicity and versatility of the SMS based services offered by Bulletin.  They are [...]

SMS in Schools: Increasing Attendance and Parent Confidence

Playing hooky. Skipping school. Ditching class. No matter how you phrase it, students have been truant from class since the first school bell rang.  Parents and teachers have been trying to ensure students make it to, and stay in, class for just as long. Now educations have a powerful tool to combat truancy and boost attendance – SMS.

Students brought SMS (text messages) into the mainstream and now parents and educators can use one their student’s favorite methods of communication to keep them in class. Bulletin’s SMS education solutions allow educators to notify parents/guardians immediately via SMS when their child is truant. This hold’s the student accountable and keeps the [...]

Why OTT Messaging is bad for business

Carriers have been on the gravy train for many years with SMS prices, charging what the market will bear and effectively having minimal overheads while doing so. Back in the heady days of the 90’s I can fondly recall Vodafone UK launching the first prepay service ‘Pay As You Go’ on the then infantile digital GSM network. SMS messages were free, and a huge novelty. There was no predictive input and the phones were the early digital generation so good luck on sending many messages. Of course back then hardly anyone had cellphones so good luck on finding someone to send to.

Shift things 15 years to the present and [...]

Audience Engagement: Why It’s A Must For Every Brand

Audience Engagement: Why It's A Must For Every BrandAs the world continues to ascend into a digital and mobile sphere of entertainment and communication, the proverbial ‘clutter’ marketers are tasked with cutting through grows exponentially.  Getting your message to your audience is simply not enough in the 21st century, you must converse and interact. Never has this been more crucial to building a brand than the present, but as daunting as this task may seem, the solution is quite simple, affordable, and is most likely right in front of you (or at least in your pocket).

Your mobile phone!

One in [...]

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