Conditioned Response SMS: Why We MUST Text

Let’s face it – we love to text. We want to text. We NEED to text. We’ll ignore phone calls, delete emails and chuck direct (junk) mail pieces in the garbage bin without hesitation. Why is it then, when we receive a text message we have an almost uncontrollable impulse to respond immediately? Whether in a meeting or actively engaged in a conversation we’ll stop everything to view and or reply to a text message.

Sending a text message garners one of the highest response rates of any communication channel, and organizations large and small are utilizing text messages to drive their communications needs. According to a recent study by [...]

Empowering Recruiters with SMS

Almost everyone has dealt with a recruitment agent at one time or another, in one way or another.  For me, who has dealt with them at both as both a supplier and a customer it has always struck me that they let themselves down in the follow up.  For a sector who’s sole reason for existence is people, they traditionally don’t “do” them very well.

Don’t get me wrong, the nicest person you can meet is a recruitment agent.  They make you feel important, you have the perfect resume if you are looking for a job, or the perfect environment if you are looking for staff.  They fall over though in the follow up. [...]

The New Messenger

We’ve spent huge amounts of time figuring out what would make On-line SMS easier.  Instead of following the norm with a Web SMS offering that involves gazillions of buttons, takes weeks to learn and can turn into a complete mess when you are dealing with large volumes of conversations we decided to focus on making your lives easier.

The new Messenger takes inspiration from leading email services like Gmail and Outlook, but brings something truly unique to the table; SMS Conversational Threading.

What’s changed:

Our loyal existing Messenger users will be used [...]

Text/SMS Messaging on SharePoint 2010 – How To

Here at we know a bit about SMS.  So when people are setting up their Share Point Server and and they get to the SMS part of it who do they call?  Not Microsoft who seems to be too busy to support Share Point, no, they Google and land on our page.

Now, while we love talking with other Geeks about the vagaries of Linus vs. Bill and who would win in a cage fight (probably Bill given his secrecy vs. the open moves of Linus) we have a fair bit of work to do.  So, if you are looking to set up Share Point so that its TXT enabled then read on. [...]

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