Send SMS using Google Spreadsheets and Bulletin Messenger

Any one who has used a spreadsheet (usually Microsoft Excel) is familiar with the idea of Macros. These are simple scripts that can automate basic tasks to free up more time in your day for Facebook. And, most people who use Google Spreadsheets haven’t gotten round to figuring out the Google Apps equivalent of Macros, Apps Script. Apps Script is based on Javascript, so if you have had any experience with Javascript then you will be fine. However, if you have not (as I have not) then you are lucky as I have done the hard yards for you. However, if my wisdom is not enough then there is extensive help […]
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Bulletin Messenger now available on Chrome Web Store, a global leader in A2P text messaging solutions with over 5000 clients worldwide, has made its marquee service, Bulletin Messenger, available directly through Chrome Web Store from Google. Consumers are now able to download from Chrome Web Store the cloud-based service that allows organizations large and small to easily send multiple SMS messages to communicate directly with their audiences globally.


Bulletin’s patented IP provides Conversational Message Threading (CMT), the [...]

TXT Fundraising – Small donations for Big Causes

Much has been made recently about how the US Presidential Campaigns have been allowed to utilise SMS for fundraising and this has raised awareness of the avenue but it is not just for Donkeys and Elephants.

SMS Fund for fundraising has been used by Charities for many years as a way to generate donations especially from the younger markets, some campaigns with more success than others.  Is Obama Inc. a charity or does Romney really need your $5 when Corporate America is bank rolling their luncheons?  Probably not, but [...]

Instant SMS Election Poll Results

SMS Poll Results

With the election near for the next leader of the free world (including but not limited to anywhere the RIAA have an interest) I have been keeping an eye on things and decided this might be a useful tutorial for our Campaigner product. You know, campaigner… get it?

Anyway, Bulletin Campaigner (formerly known as mQuery) is a powerful auto handler for SMS.  It can be used to run radio station feedback, festival and/or “next top model” votes, Google searches, real estate information etc using either dedicated numbers or a shared number [...]

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