TXTmerge your data using Microsoft Excel

Given the huge interest in the recent Google Spreadsheet TXTmerge example I thought a less intensive Microsoft Excel example might interest some people.  Excel is the industry standard for desktop spreadsheets and is so powerful many people do not use 10% of what it can really do.  This example uses very basic VBA to iterate through a range of data sending a TXT message for each line with the message content/template and user credentials configured on another page.  It is not meant to be a full working example and has room for making it more dynamic and easy to [...]

By |December 21st, 2012|How To, Messenger News|

5 Tips for selecting a keyword for your TXT campaign

Selecting a Keyword for your TXT CampaignThinking about starting your own Mobile TXT Campaign?  Below are five tips for selecting a mobile keyword for your TXT campaign.

  1. Make it easy to remember.  Some people will not have their phone on them when they see your SMS call to action, you have to make it easy enough for them to remember until they get to their [...]
By |December 18th, 2012|Campaigner News, How To|

Happy 20th birthday text messaging!

20 years ago the first SMS was sent, a Christmas message typed out on a computer and sent over the Vodafone network by Neil Papworth to Richard Jarvis.  Little has changed with SMS since the “Merry Christmas” message was sent except maybe the size of the handsets ( the Orbitel 901, a “mobile” phone that weighed nearly 5 pounds) and the spelling ability [...]

By |December 3rd, 2012|Opinion, Tech News|

Seasonal workforce united by TXT

Many businesses have a seasonal workforce that allows them to have the benefits of a relatively cheap labour pool and the flexibility of being able to ramp up when the fruit is ripe, the sheep need sharing or the cookies need selling. Yes, you read right, the cookies don’t sell themselves (but they really are good enough to be able to do so). The fact is though that the sorts of people that do this seasonal work are best reached via TXT. Whether they are migrants or youths, they are more likely to be reachable through their mobile and the cost in both money and time to call each [...]

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