Is that a Scam in your Pocket?

Is that a scam in your pocket?

Remember the ’90s? If you were around when the internet was going through its first growth phase, you might remember the forwarded chain email warning that if you didn’t forward the message to ten of your closest friends, you’d lose your money, your job, your family, or – even worse – would never get to meet MacGyver! While these schemes were usually easy to spot, the modern text message spam or phishing scheme is [...]

The Beauty of Bulletin Messenger

The Beauty of Bulletin MessengerIf you purchased the original iPhone (8GB) for $499 upon release and purchased every upgraded edition of the product – six totals – you would have spent at least $3,000 for every iteration of the product since its 2007 release. That’s a fair amount of coin for upgrades.
Conversely, if you purchased Bulletin Messenger in 1999 when it was released [...]

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