Big Brands Take to Text for Audience Engagement

Big brands using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have garnered quite a bit of media attention recently as they integrate social networking into their broader marketing strategy. Yet, major global brands have already invested in mobile marketing to engage their audience in two-way conversations that have one of the highest rates of immediate response from clients/customers. Mobile marketing, specifically text messaging, boasts high response rates and produces quantifiable data that organizations can utilize throughout their company.

Mobile campaigns with text messaging as a centrepiece are used by organizations large and small, but what major brands are using SMS campaigns, and how? Below are 3 major brands and [...]

The Immortal SMS: How SMS Evolved from Tech Fad to Enterprise Necessity

The Immortal SMSIn this world of high-tech must-have products, new gadgets are often quickly relegated to long-forgotten piles of obsolete tech; see the fax machine, car phone, and pager for examples. Rapid innovation, high-velocity product cycles and relentless competition cause hot new technologies to seem archaic in a year’s time.  Despite the obstacle of accelerating technology, the SMS message will celebrate its 21st birthday in December 2013 and has fixed itself firmly in the daily operations of enterprises and organizations throughout the globe.

The SMS has evolved from a fad to [...]

5 Must-Dos of a Successful Texting Campaign

Get your texting campaign Off to a great start with these five essential tips:

5 Must-Dos For Every Texting Campaign

The mobile commerce industry is predicted to quadruple to $31 billion in the next five years as organizations attempt to connect directly to their on-the-go audience through mobile platforms. Whether it’s a local retailer using text messaging for in-store discounts to drive on-site sales, a cause-related organization using SMS to collect donations, or an educational institution levering text to send live updates on school events directly to students and parents, the ubiquitous text message [...]

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