Introducing the new Bulletin

Very soon we will be introducing a new release of both our Messenger product and website. This is slated for April 8th

This is a hugely exciting time for Bulletin as we take on a new livery and image. Hundreds of hours of work have gone into nailing the user experience and ensuring that the platform is easier to use – not just on desktops but also on tablets.

 New Bulletin!


We’ve dropped the .net and we’ll soon be Bulletin. A new colour palette and a cracking new logo feeling fresh and vibrant to [...]

Go Green with Bulletin Text Messaging

The eco² benefits of Bulletin Text Messaging

Go Green with Bulletin Text Messaging

Switching to SMS from paper makes sense ecologically and financially.

Organisations responsible for sending traditional paper-based mail will benefit the Earth and their bottom line by using text messaging as a substitute. Briefly, we’ll discuss just two of [...]

Investor Relations: Keep Stakeholders in the Loop with Personalized Text Messages


Corporate communications can be a delicate balance of presenting information that satisfies the company, the public, and the investors/shareholders. Communicating with investors has the added challenge of presenting information in an honest, favorable manner while managing expectations along with powerful, and often diverse, personalities. Investors and shareholders are generally quite busy individuals who need to receive necessary information in a concise fashion, and sending information and updates via SMS message can be a powerful communication tool to successfully reach [...]

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Introducing the New Bulletin Messenger

Our  team has been working tirelessly to bring you the latest version of the Messenger product. One of the key goals of early 2013 is to have a product look and feel how you want it and we’re proud to announce that we have met the first milestone.

 User Theming


You can now have Messenger look the way you want it with a selection of themes available to apply to your account.


Simply look under Messenger settings (cogs/gears top right) and you’ll see a link to Theme Options.

Coming soon is [...]

Emergency SMS: Natural Disaster Prevention Via Text Message

As the eastern United States sifted through the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 media pundits and community leaders are asking what they could have done better. How could we have been better prepared to limit this damage and reduce loss of life? The preparation was quite extensive and the were warnings communicated early, but no matter how experienced the experts have become there is much to be desired for our natural disaster prevention and preparation.

Experts widely agree that increased awareness will lead to an increase in overall preparations to help reduce material damage and limit physical injury and deaths. Better, faster communication is a vital component to [...]

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