Messenger Update – November 2013


This release of the Messenger service focuses on improving the Company Administration features, simplifying navigation and preparing for some exciting new features.

Apart from the visual stuff, we have been working hard to ensure that the Messenger service has improved resilience and the ability to be patched whilst running.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to send messages within your company to your staff directly without sending a text message? Our first publicly released stage of that journey is in item 3 below, and if you are interested in seeing the next stage, please do get [...]

Why Consumers Opt-Out of Mobile Marketing (and How to Prevent It) – Part 2

Woman Texting on Smartphone

Now that we know what causes consumers to opt out, we can try and prevent it from happening as often in the future. How? Follow this 5 step guide and create a mobile marketing campaign guaranteed to keep your customers engaged:

1. Timing is of the Essence

Timing messages can be tricky. If messages are sent too often, consumers may get annoyed and opt out, but if messages are sent too little, your messages won’t resonate with your consumers. It’s important to find [...]

Why Consumers Opt-Out of Mobile Marketing (and How to Prevent It) – Part 1

Friends Text Messaging Through Smart Phone

Let’s be honest; No one enjoys it when people unsubscribe from their marketing list.

With all the time and effort you put into creating and growing your list, carefully crafting messages, and sending them out, it’s never fun when someone hits you with a, “thanks, but no thanks.” Whether you’re a marketing guru, a qualified professional, or simply a beginner, you’re always going to experience people opting out of your list. While you can’t always predict the future, you can be aware of some common themes that may help prevent [...]

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