Get your texting campaign Off to a great start with these five essential tips:

5 Must-Dos For Every Texting Campaign

The mobile commerce industry is predicted to quadruple to $31 billion in the next five years as organizations attempt to connect directly to their on-the-go audience through mobile platforms. Whether it’s a local retailer using text messaging for in-store discounts to drive on-site sales, a cause-related organization using SMS to collect donations, or an educational institution levering text to send live updates on school events directly to students and parents, the ubiquitous text message is the cornerstone of a solid mobile strategy. As you begin to plan your mobile strategy keep in mind these 5 must-dos for your texting campaign.

5 MUST-dos for every texting campaign:

1. Establish measurable goals

Before you begin brainstorming keywords and campaign themes, outline your key objectives and measurable goals. What do you want to accomplish: increase retail sales? Collect X amount of donations? Update current clients regarding new product offerings? You must clearly define your key object. Then, establish measurable goals, such as, “increase in-store sales by 30% in 6 months’ time”.

2. Create value

A strong text campaign gives value for the targeted audience; it does not simply blast a company advertisement to individual cell phones. By including valuable product updates (new online payment option), in-store discounts (20% off when you text 999 to 000), or by simply making donating easier (text 555 to donate) you must add value to your audience to inspire action.

3. Engage

In addition to establishing value through your text campaign ensure you engage your audience in either a conversation, giving the audience options, valuable information or a form of monetary bonus. A text campaign is extremely personal by nature as you directly communication to each audience member through their individual cell phones – a device that is constantly within arm’s reach – so use this opportunity to engage in a two-way conversation. Do not simply speak at them.

4. Call to action

Once your audience is engaged, use a call-to-action to inspire the audience to complete your previously determined goal. This can be a donation, a discount, etc., but it must clearly solicit action from your audience.

5. Evaluate

Continuously evaluate your text campaigns to ensure your goals are being met and to allow for adjustments to maximize value from each campaign.

Do you have any additional tips you believe are vital to a text campaign? We love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.