Selecting a Keyword for your TXT CampaignThinking about starting your own Mobile TXT Campaign?  Below are five tips for selecting a mobile keyword for your TXT campaign.

  1. Make it easy to remember.  Some people will not have their phone on them when they see your SMS call to action, you have to make it easy enough for them to remember until they get to their mobile phone.  An example of a bad mobile keyword that people could not remember would be “Text 8BURGER4DNR to 4040”.
  2. Don’t be too clever. The campaign manager may realize that the keyword PIZZA is already taken, so they try to be clever and replace the Z’s in pizza with S’s.  Not so easy to pickup if you are viewing the campaign on a bill board.
  3. Do not use special characters.  For some people it’s hard enough to find the ‘normal’ letters and numbers on keypad, you don’t want to make it so hard for customers to join your group. An example of a bad mobile keyword that has special characters would be “Text PI$$A to 4040”.
  4. Stick with one word. To make things simple, try to find a mobile keyword that is only one word, in fact our campaigner service forces you to use just one word so we take care of this for you.  If you must have a campaign that is two words (i.e. HUTT VALLEY), we would suggest purchasing two keywords, one without the space between the two words (i.e. HUTTVALLEY) and the other being the first word of the phrase  (i.e HUTT). You have to remember, a computer only does what it’s told but people rarely do.
  5. Keep it short. Lets face it, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to enter stuff on a mobile phone keypad unless you are part of the iGeneration. An example of a bad mobile keyword that is way too long would be “Text NGARUAWAHIA to 4040”.

Once you have selected a keyword for your SMS campaign, the next step is to advertise it.  People will not know about your deal or voucher unless you advertise it.

For more information about the Bulletin Campaigner TXT service see and remember, the keyword is the easy part, the hard part is getting the word out there so advertise, advertise and then advertise a little more.  In the spirit of that mantra…

  • Text INSULT to 4040 to get a Shakespearian insult
  • Text CHEMICAL and a food ‘E code’ to 4040 to get details on what the E code is
  • Text GAMER to start a simple game
  • Text ZEN to get motivated
  • RECIPE will get you a simple but tasty recipe
  • Text HELP to get some more information on the Campaigner service.

* 4040 is available in New Zealand only and costs 20c to TXT to it.  27600 will be available in the US from February 2013