Audience Engagement: Why It's A Must For Every BrandAs the world continues to ascend into a digital and mobile sphere of entertainment and communication, the proverbial ‘clutter’ marketers are tasked with cutting through grows exponentially.  Getting your message to your audience is simply not enough in the 21st century, you must converse and interact. Never has this been more crucial to building a brand than the present, but as daunting as this task may seem, the solution is quite simple, affordable, and is most likely right in front of you (or at least in your pocket).

Your mobile phone!

One in five Americans checks their mobile phone every 10 minutes, according to a recent Time survey. Let that sink in. During the average 8-hour workday, 20 percent of Americans check their mobile phone at least 48 times.  Marketers must maximize this opportunity to interact and converse with their audience via this extremely personal medium.

No, I’m not suggesting telemarketing. I’m talking texting!

The text message is a powerful, yet humble, communication tool that is non-intrusive when used correctly. You are not interrupting or intruding on your audience, but conversing with them when it’s convenient for them. And unlike emails, over 90 percent of text messages are opened within 4 hours.

Combining mobile marketing (text/SMS messaging) with an existing advertising campaign will elevate your brand from speaking at your audience, to conversing with your audience, while strengthening brand loyalty – all with the push of a (send) button.  Unlike other marketing mediums (social media, PR, etc.) mobile marketing produces quantifiable data that can be analyzed.  The C-Suite will appreciate a definable ROI, and will love this cost-effective medium – starting at $.03 per message.

The message is clear, concise, and has been received: start texting your audience. Your bottom line will thank you for it.