With all the coverage and attention focused on mobile Internet and its impact on consumers and businesses and the shrinking use of voice telephony, the use and expansion of A2P SMS services continues to march forward…

Mobile messaging, which has been with us nearly as long as mobile voice communications, remains a growing segment in mobile communications, particularly as businesses increasingly turn to the use of text or multimedia messaging to establish two-way relationships with their workforce and /or its consumers.

Today there are many great text messaging service examples of what an impact text messaging can have. Bulletin has a stable of core products that meet 90% of most business requirements and continues to integrate messaging services into many enterprises and these sectors execute a mobile strategy.

Enterprise Messaging Market Overview

Led by the humble and ubiquitous text message, the use of enterprise messaging has had something of a checkered past. Many experts believed the use of text messaging by enterprises, which was introduced commercially at nearly the same time as Person to Person (P2P) text messaging, about the same time that Bulletin secured it’s patents on 2-way messaging. The growth has been rapid in the sector, though at an incrementally lower rate than P2P messaging. Growth in A2P messaging has been hindered by inter-carrier operability, complex carrier compliance requirements, and a fear of limited acceptance.  But over the past few years, significant drivers are making enterprise messaging an increasingly important tool:

Consumers have increasingly turned towards non-voice communications, such as social networks;

  • Significant growth of smart phones
  • Better use cases for alert and notification services, eg. FedEx, Banks, Airlines etc.
  • Rapid consumer adoption of all mobile data services
  • Rise in P2P usage has made consumers comfortable with SMS in general

Enterprise messaging tied to social networks and instant-messaging portals has become the star vertical market, particularly in markets where high speed mobile data networks are minimally used or where data plans are more cost prohibitive.  It is in these markets where Enterprise messaging will become the workhorse, converting IM into text and MMS, delivering alerts, photo posts, and more when the mobile Internet is not an option.

Then there mobile marketing, this sector is exploding with text messaging as a core element; we’ll get into this arena in our next edition…

Bruce Herbert


Priority Customer Care a national leader in the call center industry has thrived with Bulletin Connect’s world class service.  Priority Customer Care represents some of the largest payday loan companies in the United States and provides a service by sending their approved applicants SMS messages.

James Wink – Priority Customer Care
Your product [Bulletin Connect] is one of the best I have seen.

Bulletin is excited to assist in the success of Priority Customer Care.

Rob Connolly


Auckland Co-op Taxis, the largest taxi company in NZ, have signed up to Campaigner and Messenger to interact with their customers via SMS. The customer texts name and pick up address to a premium short code & gets back an automated response. The phone details and the message are  forwarded to the call centre where the operator uses Messenger for further communications with the customer. The company also uses Messenger for 2-way communication with their drivers as and when required.

Vivek Sikri, ICT Manager – Auckland Co-op Taxis
We started using as our service provider for the e-messaging and short code services  earlier this year and we are very happy with them.  They are excellent at what they do. The E-Texting and Campaigner products they offer are reliable, very customizable and creative. Their team is very professional and they get the work done fairly fast. They are easily reachable and reply to emails and calls fast.
We will continue to use their services and highly recommend them to anyone!

Mitendra Das

United Kingdom NEWS FROM THE UK

Exploration and production company Conoco Phillips UK signed up to Bulletin Messenger and Microsoft Outlook to manage their communications.  They are using these platforms to liaise with both employees and clients to communicate company updates, coordinate meetings as well as for general communications.

Paul Ratinon


Renowned international finance company has started using SMS for customer notifications, rather than email or letters. Already the response rate has increased dramatically. Save resources on snail mail, reduce your carbon footprint and increase your engagement rate via SMS.

David Hayes