Big brands using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have garnered quite a bit of media attention recently as they integrate social networking into their broader marketing strategy. Yet, major global brands have already invested in mobile marketing to engage their audience in two-way conversations that have one of the highest rates of immediate response from clients/customers. Mobile marketing, specifically text messaging, boasts high response rates and produces quantifiable data that organizations can utilize throughout their company.

Mobile campaigns with text messaging as a centrepiece are used by organizations large and small, but what major brands are using SMS campaigns, and how? Below are 3 major brands and how they’ve recently used SMS.




The Coca-Cola company is a big believer in integrated SMS campaigns with Tom Daly, Director of Mobile, Search and Global Connections, saying, “It’s important to invest your energy into things you know work, and we know that SMS works and it is a thing to focus on.” Coca-Cola has a very diversified mobile strategy with SMS as a major focus. The beverage juggernaut uses on-package call-to-action and on-location text integration (such as sporting events) to engage with their diverse global audience. The company has also developed mobile applications when appropriate, but recommends caution when allocating funds for this medium. “In places such as India, you are wasting time developing things such as applications because you need to get the basics (such as texting) down first,” Daly adds.   





The Seattle coffee company is a case study for how to use PR and non-traditional advertising to grow from local coffee shop to global beverage heavyweight, and their work with SMS further proves this point. Starbucks uses SMS to instantly reach their audience with timely messages to solicit an instant call-to-action. A typical campaign includes messages to reward members inviting them to text “HAPPY” to a shortcode to receive “Frappuccino Happy Hour” reminders, and to “Drop by Starbucks between 3 and 5pm to enjoy a half-priced Frappuccino!”








The retail giant is constantly looking to grow their SMS data base. Macy’s recently partnered with NBC’s hit show “Fashion Star” to invite viewers to text the word STAR to a shortcode that enables viewers to purchase fashions featured on the show directly from their mobile phone.