The Bulletin.Net Affiliate Programme is a way to earn money by referring clients to When you refer a client to us, you will receive a percentage of any revenue that client pays to us, for as long as the client account remains open.

If you are an application developer, consultant or solutions architect, the affiliate programme will provide rewards. So now you can use Bulletin.Nets global, two-way SMS services to provide value to your clients, and be paid for it!

Benefits of the Affiliate Programme:

  1. Trusted, proven solution for your referrals – Bulletin.Net has been providing highly effective, cost-efficient global messaging services for over 10 years.
  2. Passive income stream – When your client pays Bulletin.Net you earn 10% of that revenue.
  3. Long term benefits – You will continue to receive revenue from all your referral accounts for the entire life of the accounts.
  4. No Limits – There is no limit to the number of referral accounts you can receive revenue from.
  5. No billing hassles – The billing relationship is between the client and Bulletin.Net, so you don’t need dedicated billing resources.
  6. No support requirements – The client will have a Service Level Agreement with Bulletin.Net, so you don’t have to provide product support.

How it works:

In order to use the Bulletin.Net Affiliate Programme,

  1. Register with Bulletin.Net for an affiliate account by emailing
  2. Once you have an affiliate account, you will receive a promotion code.
  3. Your clients will use the promotion code when creating an online account with Bulletin.Net at

Once the client account has been created, any revenue payments made against the account will be recorded under the promotion code, and you will receive the percentage due.

Requirements and Conditions:

See the Affiliate Programme Terms and Conditions for full details, but basically –

  1. Affiliate partners will require an affiliate account with
  2. Affiliate partners will require a PayPal account to receive payment.
  3. Referrals must be obtained through legitimate channels – i.e. no spam.
  4. Revenue paid by clients must be cleared (min 60 days), legitimate funds
  5. Affiliate partners will receive payment to their PayPal account when amounts owing exceed USD$100

If you would like more information on our affiliate programme, or would like to apply for an affiliate account, please email