Australian Politicians Spammed via iMessage

iMessage Trick Blog Photo_Bulletin 2On the heels of a spam campaign marketing knockoff designer sunglasses to iMessage users in the U.S., a developer in Australia discovered another flaw in Apple’s iMessage and used it to spam Australian politicians.

Bulletin’s smart messaging platform, Messenger, features the latest OTT-to-SMS technology for internal corporate communications, Messenger Chat. Unlike Apple’s iMessage, Bulletin’s Messenger Chat filtering technology restricts the delivery of spam messages – like the ones recently sent to the bevy of Australian politicians – to fellow company users. This added layer of security allows us to ensure that our customers will never [...]

Text Alerts, Banking Apps Reduce Pain of Overdraft Charges

Overdraft fees are quickly become a thing of the past as more and more financial institutions implement text alerts via mobile banking apps. In fact, a recent article from Mobile World Live claims that those who sign up for text alerts via mobile banking apps reduce their unarranged overdraft charges between 5 and 8 percent!  Check out “Text Alerts, Banking Apps Reduce Pain of Overdraft Charges” to learn more: banking

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6 Rules for Texting at Work


downloadTexting is a fast and simple way to get in touch quickly and effectively, making it a great option for workplace communications. When texting is used in a professional setting, it’s important to make sure you don’t cross the line into overly casual and inappropriate tone. U.S. News has provided some key rules to consider before you hit “send” in the following article:

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Don’t send another email until you read this

marketwatchDid you know that most Fortune 1000 corporations now spend approximately $5 million to $10 million annually on e-discovery, the process of collecting digital data when a company is being sued or investigated?  You’ve probably heard the term recently due to security-related controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton using her personal email to send messages regarding government business.  Today, companies can avoid the lawyer and preventative software fees altogether by turning to mobile messaging for their corporate communications.  Thanks to advances in encryption and highly secure wireless networks, mobile messaging is often more secure than email.  Read more on the topic in [...]

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Johnson City Transit unveils text alerts for weather-related changes

johnson city


The transit system in Johnson City, TN is now utilizing text messaging to alert customers of changes and delays.  With over 1,700 people regularly using Johnson City Transit, it is critical for buses to consistently be on time. However, weather and other unforeseeable events can sometimes hinder transportation.  By making riders aware of these situations, Johnson City has found a simple, effective and affordable way to avoid confusion and save commuters precious time.

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What Types of Companies are Using SMS?

what kinds

While many of us use text messaging to communicate with friends and family, the latest developments in mobile messaging technology have allowed companies and organizations to harness the true power of this communication platform.  In her article, “What Types of Companies are Using SMS”, Jamie Tolentino explores the creative and effective ways SMS is being used for many business applications in sectors including travel and transportation, financial services, e-commerce and more.  Read more:

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2015 Predictions: ‘Old School’ Text Messaging Capabilities Bring New Mobile Possibilities

2015 Predictions Blog Photo_BulletinEvery year, mobile technologies have been pushing further to the forefront of enterprise priority lists. Now, with millennials beginning to enter into the business world, companies are placing an even greater focus on mobile. As a result, mobile trends like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) authentication and Application-to-Person (A2P) text messaging are predicted to arise and proliferate in 2015. Read about these and more predicted mobile trends for 2015 in this RCR Wireless article:

Why SMS is the New Channel for Customer Support

SMS Custoner Support Blog Photo_BulletinCustomer service is an important aspect of a company. With mobile messaging becoming more popular, customer service via text can enable a better experience for your customers and is more efficient for your support teams. 90 percent of all SMS text messages are read within three minutes of being received; this gives companies a great way to reach out and make the customer experience more personal. As mobile grows even bigger in the future, more and more businesses will migrate their customer service from phone to text messaging. Learn more about why SMS is the new channel [...]

How to Get ROI from Your Enterprise Mobile Messaging

ROI BlogWhen it comes to using mobile messaging within a company, having a fast and convenient way to stay in touch can be invaluable – if selected and used properly. 75% of organizations demand return on investment on their mobile messaging initiatives in less than year.  In order to make their investments count, however, enterprises must integrate a flexible mobile messaging platform that supports multiple use cases across business functions – instead of having a siloed and disjointed approach to mobile strategy.  This article from Information Age explores how enterprises can improve customer and employee communications across the business by [...]

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Don’t Let Siloed Messaging Strategies Restrict Mobile’s Potential for Your Business

Siloh Messaging Strategies BlogMore than 62 percent of businesses are taking an ad hoc, disjointed approach with mobile messaging by deploying more than one messaging platform.  However, in order to  obtain enhanced ROI from these solutions, organizations need to realize mobile messaging is much more than sales and marketing.  Instead, businesses need a more holistic strategy for mobile messaging that includes engaging with customers throughout the entire lifecycle.  Read more about how global enterprises are leveraging mobile messaging technology for employee and customer communication use cases across key business functions in this MobileMarketer™ article:

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