Business Review Australia

Mobile messaging is a rapidly growing technology within the service provider and enterprise markets.  In addition to helping overcome barrier to entry for market globalization, mobile messaging provides businesses an effective and highly economical way to increase customer and employee engagement as well as monetize on a new revenue source.  Bulletin’s  Principal Consultant, Paul Mulvenna, explores this topic further in his article, “The Growth And Benefits Of Mobile Messaging Services For Business”, recently published in Business Review Australia.

The article discusses mobile messaging and its various business applications, including facilitating enhanced connectivity in today’s competitive and increasingly mobile marketplace.  It also examines how leading platform vendors like Bulletin are enabling mobile messaging in the enterprise with innovative applications such as Bulletin Messenger.

Additionally, “The Growth And Benefits Of Mobile Messaging Services For Business” assesses two types of mobile messaging platforms – SMS and OTT – and how the complementary yet unique applications are being combined by innovative providers to deliver a unified communications experience to the end-user.

To read the article in its entirety, click here for part one and here for part two.