From Monday 26th March 2018, our customers can expect to see some changes to how Keyword Management (formerly our Campaigner product) is accessed.


What was Campaigner?

Campaigner used to be the Bulletin Keyword Management product. It provided users with a range of auto-responder functions to action in response to mobile-originated messages.



Auto-responder functions included:

  • Respond with static SMS message
  • Send an extract from a webpage
  • Lookup response from file
  • Forward to a REST web service
  • Forward message to an email address
  • Forward message to a mobile number
  • Multiple Chained actions

Typical Campaigner Use Cases include:

  • Coupon redemption
  • TXT2DONATE – Donations
  • Customer feedback
  • TXT2WIN – as a mobile contest platform
  • TXT2VOTE – Voting and Polling
  • TXT4INFO – e.g. to advise on class schedules/exams for students
  • Plus many more…



Campaigner users used to be able to log into Campaigner separately via or via the Dashboard (


How will it change?

From Monday 26th March, Campaigner functionality will be accessible from within Bulletin Messenger ( This includes the management of users’ numbers via the Numbers page (all your numbers in one place) as well as the ability to perform Keyword Management via the Keywords page.



Why is it changing?

Our customers used to have different ways of accessing our products, sometimes via multiple logins. We needed to make changes in order to:

  • Provide Campaigner-only customers with an easier logon experience
  • Simplify the setting up and management of campaigns via keywords
  • Consolidate functions by integrating Campaigner and Messenger functions in a single app (for example: texting to an email address can result in auto responses as well as perform address book subscription)
  • Introduce Campaigner-only customers to Bulletin Messenger
  • Provide a new location for topping up (previously users were directed to the Dashboard to perform top-ups)
  • Revamp our Numbers and Keyword Management User Interface
  • Retire obsolete systems



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