Bulletin.net, a global leader in A2P text messaging solutions with over 5000 clients worldwide, has made its marquee service, Bulletin Messenger, available directly through Chrome Web Store from Google. Consumers are now able to download from Chrome Web Store the cloud-based service that allows organizations large and small to easily send multiple SMS messages to communicate directly with their audiences globally.


Bulletin’s patented IP provides Conversational Message Threading (CMT), the backbone of Messenger. Users can organize, send and receive SMS messages from the convenience of their desktop, mobile device or web browser, and deliver their message directly to their audience where they are sure to receive it – on their mobile phone. Leveraging SMS communications is a cost-effective method to connect businesses with mobile customers around the globe.


“SMS is ubiquitous, almost spam-free, and boasts a 96% open rate. It is the single most effective form of what we call “conditioned response marketing.” Customers have been conditioned to immediately check and respond to text messages. SMS represents a key channel for mobile marketing and strongly complements other businesses communication strategies.” Michael Messner, Director of Marketing.

Key product features of Messenger:

Usability – Log in, compose, send to multiple mobile handsets globally
Just three clicks to send
Threaded and Two-way text messaging to easily organize conversations and communications
Sort messages via ‘Read’ and ‘Unread’
Reply effortlessly with Quick Reply, and view who has received the message
Address book synchronization that enables contacts from multiple address books to be combined, and eliminates duplicate contacts
Scheduling tool to send messages at a future date and time, and set up reoccurring messages for daily, weekly and monthly appointments
Smart Compose, a geographic detection of destination numbers to monitor who and where messages are sent at a glance.
Easily integrated into large organization’s existing systems

Messenger gives organizations the power to better manage their message, engaging directly with mobile phones globally. You can download Messenger directly form Chrome Web Store here: http://bit.ly/T30QIZ