Send text messages from the Web, email, or any mobile device
Bulletin’s premier Messenger platform powers internal team messaging. Use our turnkey solution to integrate Messenger within your organization.


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Bulletin Messenger – Easy Set-up. Free Trial. No Contract.

Why Bulletin

  • Quickly and Easily Compose SMS Messages
  • Conveniently Send SMS From Your Computer
  • Instantly Send SMS to Multiple People at Once
  • Easily Organise Messages Sent and Received
  • Cost-Effectively Contact Anyone, Anywhere in the World
  • Reliably Receive SMS Messages On-The-Go
  • Easily Manage Contacts with Address Books

Bulk Message

Bulletin Messenger allows authorized
clients a maximum bulk send of 30,000
messages to contacts anywhere in the world.

Scheduling SMS
Messages Couldn’t Be Easier

Simple to set-up, Bulletin Messenger makes it easy to schedule
your SMS messages for future delivery. Use Calendar View to
easily manage your SMS delivery schedule.

How it Works

It's as easy as Email with the
reach of Mobile SMS.

View Complete Conversations
With Threaded Messaging

Nobody else can do this. Bulletin Messenger allows you to track
a conversation as you would an email. With our patented mTag
technology, Bulletin Messenger brings threaded, two-way SMS
messaging to your desktop. View your conversations via SMS
online, anytime.

Comprehensive Administration
Tools Give You Control

From Reporting, User Management to Company Limits,
Bulletin Messenger makes it simple for you to manage
your Account.

Receive SMS Messages

Bulletin Messenger’s Touch2TXT features enable you to
receive SMS messages on your mobile device. No need
for a second SIM! Bulletin Messenger makes it easy to
send and receive SMS messages, access and manage your
address book, and more directly from your mobile phone.

Make it Yours

Pick themes and share them with your users.
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WebSMS, Email to SMS Messenger

Whether in a meeting, watching a live sporting event, or carrying on an active conversation, we will immediately put our task on hold to respond to a text message once it is received.

As the popularity of text messaging has grown, we have become conditioned to respond to a text message instantly, almost compulsively, no matter how busy we may be.

Download this white paper and discover:

  • How the psychology concept of conditioned response can help deliver mobile marketing success
  • How to compose messages that almost guarantee a response
  • How to effectively market your product via SMS