Bulletin has long history with Governments at both national and local levels and today hopes to leverage that as we meet more of the people responsible for running our small but perfectly formed country.  The Wellington Meet the Buyer event is being jointly run by the Ministry of Economic Development (MED) and BusinessNZ, and is the first of its kind involving government and business.

Bulletin helps governments and NGO’s with speedy mass communication as well as targeted messaging.  The same services that they use are available to you and your organisation today whether you want to target your users with personalised SMS or integrate into your CRM and databases using our carrier grade API.

Messenger Free TrialIf you are one of the 430 organisations invited to the Meet the Buyer event, what did you think? Is the NZ Government doing the best it can for NZ SMEs or was the true value of the event in meeting other businesses just like yours?

Meet the Buyer was at the Michael Fowler Centre on Wednesday 9 May 2012, and was an invitation-only event.