March 2012

Bulletin.Net has been experiencing exponential growth in the last four months due to its ongoing reliability, global coverage expansion and enhanced platform functionality hence they are pleased to announce the following appointments. David Hayes, a veteran in interactive media, has expanded his role with Bulletin.Net to also manage the Marketing strategy of the company.

“Clients are constantly confronted with the necessity of communicating and interacting with consumers mobiles. With the proliferation of apps, clients are now realizing the complexities, maintenance and especially the costs of getting their apps onto mobile devices. With recent statistical data alluding to 92% of all SMS are opened within four hours of receipt and SMS being truly ubiquitous regardless of handset, carrier or country, clients are returning to this true and very simple form of communication. Hence our marketing message is simply “We Manage Your Message To Your Customers Mobile.” said David Hayes

With US SMS Messaging much in demand we have recently appointed Rob Connolly to head up our US sales. With a deep understanding of marketing, customer acquisition and the new digital age, Rob brings a fresh approach to our customers.

“It is crazy, we all send text messages daily, we open, we respond and yet we fail to realize the opportunity that text messaging can bring to a company’s overall marketing and communications strategy. What we also fail to realize is that a text message is data, and data can be interrogated, allowing companies to interact at a much higher level than previously considered. Bulletin.Net provides the necessary gateways and platforms to empower companies to facilitate this interaction.” said Rob Connolly