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Bulletin is making changes to how users access Campaigns

From Monday 26th March 2018, our customers can expect to see some changes to how Keyword Management (formerly our Campaigner product) is accessed.


What was Campaigner?

Campaigner used to be the Bulletin Keyword Management product. It provided users with a range of auto-responder functions to action in response to mobile-originated messages.



Auto-responder functions included:

  • Respond with static SMS message
  • Send an extract from a webpage
  • Lookup response from file
  • Forward to a REST web service
  • Forward message to an email address
  • Forward message to a mobile number
  • Multiple Chained actions

Typical Campaigner Use Cases include:

  • Coupon redemption
  • TXT2DONATE – Donations
  • Customer feedback
  • TXT2WIN – as a [...]

Bulletin’s Products Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Want to learn more about what Bulletin can do for you? Check out these awesome product videos – designed and produced by Creative Director, Jason Hendricks.


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5 Tips for selecting a keyword for your TXT campaign

Selecting a Keyword for your TXT CampaignThinking about starting your own Mobile TXT Campaign?  Below are five tips for selecting a mobile keyword for your TXT campaign.

  1. Make it easy to remember.  Some people will not have their phone on them when they see your SMS call to action, you have to make it easy enough for them to remember until they get to their [...]
By |December 18th, 2012|Campaigner News, How To|

TXT Fundraising – Small donations for Big Causes

Much has been made recently about how the US Presidential Campaigns have been allowed to utilise SMS for fundraising and this has raised awareness of the avenue but it is not just for Donkeys and Elephants.

SMS Fund for fundraising has been used by Charities for many years as a way to generate donations especially from the younger markets, some campaigns with more success than others.  Is Obama Inc. a charity or does Romney really need your $5 when Corporate America is bank rolling their luncheons?  Probably not, but [...]

Instant SMS Election Poll Results

SMS Poll Results

With the election near for the next leader of the free world (including but not limited to anywhere the RIAA have an interest) I have been keeping an eye on things and decided this might be a useful tutorial for our Campaigner product. You know, campaigner… get it?

Anyway, Bulletin Campaigner (formerly known as mQuery) is a powerful auto handler for SMS.  It can be used to run radio station feedback, festival and/or “next top model” votes, Google searches, real estate information etc using either dedicated numbers or a shared number [...]

By |November 1st, 2012|Campaigner News, How To|

Puma NZ – Case Study

After extensive research Puma New Zealand recently decided to use SMS as part of their marketing mix after determining that it provided a low cost, relevant way to interact with their customers.  Using dedicated short codes it increases brand visibility and the interaction augments their contact database allowing them to both broadcast special offers to increase traffic into their stores and, to join the conversation with the texting youth market.

Puma has two flagship stores in New Zealand, one at Auckland and other at Christchurch.  Store Managers of both stores are excited (and relieved too) with the simplicity and versatility of the SMS based services offered by Bulletin.  They are [...]

SMS in Schools: Increasing Attendance and Parent Confidence

Playing hooky. Skipping school. Ditching class. No matter how you phrase it, students have been truant from class since the first school bell rang.  Parents and teachers have been trying to ensure students make it to, and stay in, class for just as long. Now educations have a powerful tool to combat truancy and boost attendance – SMS.

Students brought SMS (text messages) into the mainstream and now parents and educators can use one their student’s favorite methods of communication to keep them in class. Bulletin’s SMS education solutions allow educators to notify parents/guardians immediately via SMS when their child is truant. This hold’s the student accountable and keeps the [...]

Audience Engagement: Why It’s A Must For Every Brand

Audience Engagement: Why It's A Must For Every BrandAs the world continues to ascend into a digital and mobile sphere of entertainment and communication, the proverbial ‘clutter’ marketers are tasked with cutting through grows exponentially.  Getting your message to your audience is simply not enough in the 21st century, you must converse and interact. Never has this been more crucial to building a brand than the present, but as daunting as this task may seem, the solution is quite simple, affordable, and is most likely right in front of you (or at least in your pocket).

Your mobile phone!

One in [...]

Building loyalty 160 characters at a time

Firstly, what is loyalty? I’ve been questioning what loyalty is both from a consumer perspective and as a provider, and the quote below got me thinking about it again today.

All real loyalty programs start in the same place: creating an experience or a product that is its own reward. We’re loyal because it makes us feel good, not because we’re being bribed.

While talking to my new Barista about why I was spending more of my money there now rather than spreading it around, we started to talk about what I do and he asked some great [...]

Mobile Marketing – A Golden Opportunity

There are so many demands on our marketing budget. Where does a modern marketer invest their resources make the most impact for their brand? There is one device that has infiltrated nearly everyone’s life – the mobile phone.

SMS on mobiles is ubiquitous. A successful well-planned mobile marketing strategy now delivers a larger bang for your marketing buck. SMS text messaging works. With SMS text messages averaging 92% open rate within an hour of receipt, it is certainly the number one channel for the modern audience.

Let us take a simple example of a brand wanting to talk with its customers. A simple campaign calling an inbound [...]

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