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Messenger Update – November 2013


This release of the Messenger service focuses on improving the Company Administration features, simplifying navigation and preparing for some exciting new features.

Apart from the visual stuff, we have been working hard to ensure that the Messenger service has improved resilience and the ability to be patched whilst running.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to send messages within your company to your staff directly without sending a text message? Our first publicly released stage of that journey is in item 3 below, and if you are interested in seeing the next stage, please do get [...]

Introducing the new Bulletin

Very soon we will be introducing a new release of both our Messenger product and website. This is slated for April 8th

This is a hugely exciting time for Bulletin as we take on a new livery and image. Hundreds of hours of work have gone into nailing the user experience and ensuring that the platform is easier to use – not just on desktops but also on tablets.

 New Bulletin!


We’ve dropped the .net and we’ll soon be Bulletin. A new colour palette and a cracking new logo feeling fresh and vibrant to [...]

Introducing the New Bulletin Messenger

Our  team has been working tirelessly to bring you the latest version of the Messenger product. One of the key goals of early 2013 is to have a product look and feel how you want it and we’re proud to announce that we have met the first milestone.

 User Theming


You can now have Messenger look the way you want it with a selection of themes available to apply to your account.


Simply look under Messenger settings (cogs/gears top right) and you’ll see a link to Theme Options.

Coming soon is [...]

Why OTT Messaging is bad for business

Carriers have been on the gravy train for many years with SMS prices, charging what the market will bear and effectively having minimal overheads while doing so. Back in the heady days of the 90’s I can fondly recall Vodafone UK launching the first prepay service ‘Pay As You Go’ on the then infantile digital GSM network. SMS messages were free, and a huge novelty. There was no predictive input and the phones were the early digital generation so good luck on sending many messages. Of course back then hardly anyone had cellphones so good luck on finding someone to send to.

Shift things 15 years to the present and [...]

New SMS virtual numbers released

Question: What’s better than being in California?
Answer: Having a Virtual number in California!

Now you too can have all the benefits of being ‘local’ while still being able to enjoy the clean mountain air and real food while driving your classic truck listening to rock and roll.  Bulletin has just released new Virtual numbers for California (and many other locations) and you can reserve yours today.  A Virtual number for SMS gives you brand power and recognition at a low cost compared with a short code and receive SMS on line. Your SMS number is [...]

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