15 years ago Bulletin brought mobile handsets into the internet age when we invented and patented the ability to forward email to your phone and reply to it  – the reply being what made this a convenient method of not just checking your email on the road (this was before feature-phones, let alone smartphones) but doing business.

Fast forward to 2016, and our Email2SMS service continues to be a large part of our business. Even though phones have changed dramatically over this time, email2sms continues to be an incredibly useful technology for many business scenarios.

  1. Simplicity
  2. Likely your users are familiar with email, and just as likely they’re already in the [...]

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Bulletin Celebrates over 10 years of enabling two-way SMS in ResMan


ResourceWare International Ltd assists companies to gain and retain competitive advantage through the ResMan® Application suite of activity tracking software.
The ResMan® software is a single product with standard configuration files for a number of vertical markets including Recruitment & HR, Community Services, Professional Services, Health & Safety, Training and Case Management providers. These files are then uniquely fine-tuned for each customer, and all set-ups support SMS integration.
The modular end-to-end software is enterprise scalable and user-configurable, empowering customers with the business tools to define, organise and track their own unique workflows and business processes.


In the highly competitive recruitment market, speed is of the essence among competing agencies [...]

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9 Reasons Every Business Needs a Managed Mobility Strategy

A managed mobility strategy is critical to the growth and survival of modern businesses. Trends toward mobility are popping up at every turn including an increased mobile workforce and bring your own device (BYOD) proliferation. The proper mobility strategy will not only give you a modern edge, but also provide numerous benefits such as increased productivity, flexible growth, increased bottom line and more. Learn more about why your business needs a managed mobile strategy in this article from Forbes

Number of Mobile Workers in U.S. Will Exceed 105 Million by 2020

With enterprise mobility growing at staggering rates, the number of mobile workers is consistently increasing. A new forecast from International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts steady growth over the next five years, bringing the number of mobile employees from 96.2 million in 2015 to 105.4 in 2020 thanks to the latest in technological advancements.  According to research analyst Bryan Basset, mobility is now synonymous with productivity.  We couldn’t agree more.

Mobile Messaging Streamlines Communication & Helps to Improve Patient Care for Travel Nursing Companies – Part Two

The proliferation of travel nursing companies has created a convenient way for patients to receive the care they need from the comforts of their own home, and in order to keep this system running, communication is key to keep nursing staff in the know at all times.  BulletinMessenger provides a fast and simple solution to enable this communication at low cost to travel nursing companies, making it easier than ever to provide necessary information and interaction between the company, nurses, doctors, and potential and existing patients and their families, through mobile messaging.

Since field nurses share the workload in most organizations, this new and innovative outlet for communication provides [...]

Mobile Messaging Streamlines Communication & Helps to Improve Patient Care for Travel Nursing Companies – Part One

The benefits of using smartphones and mobile messaging technology within a hospital setting are incredible, from improving communication, to generating trust and fostering a positive culture among nurses and doctors alike to ultimately improve patient care.  These benefits can also be further broadened when applied within the field of travel nursing.

Nurses are critical to patient care, and the importance of their constant ability to communicate and coordinate with staff and patients in an “on-the-go” setting cannot be overemphasized – especially in life-threatening medical emergencies.  By employing a solution that enables reliable and streamlined communication, more time and effort can be spent on providing care to the [...]

Most U.S. Workers See Upside to Staying Connected to Work

In today’s tech-driven society, the U.S. workforce had developed a system to increase their productivity through staying connected even after business hours. According to Gallup, nearly 8 in 10 full-time U.S. employees view this remote working as a positive development. Check out some more details on these statistics and how mobile technology influences today’s work habits here

The Future of UI Design? Old-School Text Messages

UI designText messaging is something that has become virtually ingrained in our DNA.  Whether you’re a smartphone or feature phone user, text messaging is one of the most common ways for us to interact with each other, and now, a way to increase productivity in both our personal and business lives. In his article in WIRED, Kyle Vanhemert discusses the growing popularity of using chat/SMS as the ultimate user interface for applications to accomplish tasks such as shopping, itinerary changes, restaurant reservations, money transfers, and so much more.  As a familiar and comfortable [...]

ROI and Enterprise Mobility: The Holy Grail or More Technology Snake Oil?

holy grailIn the future, mobile apps will not only become the answer to many enterprise challenges such as: transparency, ease of audit, customers responsiveness, productivity, and more, they’ll also become a necessity for successful competitive positioning.  This is why it is increasingly important for businesses to educate themselves on the proper ways to function on a mobile platform in order to see great return as they make the shift towards enterprise mobility.  In her Enterprise App Tech article, author Mary Brittain-White explores this topic and more, offering insight into the [...]

Five Barriers for Enterprise Mobility

BarriersThe right mobile enterprise app can change everything for a company, and we believe that Bulletin could be that app for you. In this article, discover the five major barriers experienced by enterprises everywhere when attempting to maintain mobility throughout the corporate structure. From reliability to proper adoption, this article from IT Business Edge explores the most common roadblocks a company faces when attempting to integrate mobile solutions – and ways to overcome them.  Read the full article here:

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