Let’s face it – we love to text. We want to text. We NEED to text. We’ll ignore phone calls, delete emails and chuck direct (junk) mail pieces in the garbage bin without hesitation. Why is it then, when we receive a text message we have an almost uncontrollable impulse to respond immediately? Whether in a meeting or actively engaged in a conversation we’ll stop everything to view and or reply to a text message.

Sending a text message garners one of the highest response rates of any communication channel, and organizations large and small are utilizing text messages to drive their communications needs. According to a recent study by DMNews, a marketing message sent via telephone (telemarketing) has a 12.95% response rate compared to direct mail’s 4.4% response rate, and direct mail has a 10-30% greater response rate than email.

Telemarketing’s success rate looks quite strong compared to traditional channels, but it’s tiny compared to SMS messages 96% open rate.

The race is on to infiltrate mobile as an advertising/marketing medium. Organizations are spending top dollar to develop mobile apps to communicate directly with their audience, but the biggest obstacle is getting their audience to download and use their expensive apps. Each extra step the consumer has to make is detrimental and hence the drop of factor is huge.

Their audience already has SMS and is conditioned to use it. So marketers GET REAL and for the money and time that is spent on building these fancy applications – not to mention the money spent on telling them how and where to download it and how to use it – you could have already had your customer in store or online purchasing.

So what do you think? Why are we so conditioned to open and respond to SMS? Stats, opinions and thoughts are welcomed in the comments section.