As media continues to increasingly be more mobile, particularly with the fast-rising smart phone and tablet markets, marketers are aggressively searching for new ways to reach their on-the-go audiences. Bulletin Campaigner provides marketers with one of the most powerful and effective avenues to contact, and be contacted by, customers and consumers in the rapidly growing new mobile world by engaging audiences via SMS messages on their mobile phones. The effectiveness of SMS campaigns can, in part, be contributed to the ubiquitous aspect of SMS messages – they are accessible on all mobile phones.

Bulletin Campaigner can be easily integrated into existing advertising campaigns or be the focal point of a new mobile advertising initiative. Integrating SMS messaging into advertising campaigns allows marketers to instantly engage with their audience in a two-way conversation.  Perhaps most advantageous, Bulletin Campaigner also provides marketers with quantifiable data about their consumers through the heaps of messages they will be receiving.

Simple Set-up

By simply adding a few lines of code, marketers will be able to send and receive SMS messages in their applications in no time. Bulletin Campaigner enables marketers to create and manage SMS messages from the convenience of their desktop, tablet, or laptop. Now armed with the capability to create and manage inbound as well as outbound messages, marketers are able to engage with their audience like never before while also creating a stockpile of client data that can be analyzed accordingly.

How it’s being used

More and more companies are integrating two-way SMS messaging components into their advertising campaigns to better engage with their audience. By simply adding a line of copy to an advertisement – the ad can be print, digital, or on television – that acts as a call to action by stating, for example, ‘for more information text “info” to 555-555,’ marketers instantly commence a conversation.

SMS messaging integrated into an advertisement creates a two-way conversation between a company/brand and a potential consumer. Now marketers are leveraging the power of conversation to engage their audience via SMS messages. Insurance companies are integrating SMS in their ads to engage their audience in discussions about new life insurance policies. Banks are using the medium to discuss new loan rates and savings accounts. Educational institutions are using it to converse about the unique features of their schools to recruit new students.

These are just a few examples of how SMS messaging is being integrated into advertising campaigns. The opportunities are limitless. Do you have any examples of a company/brand effectively using SMS messages in their advertising campaigns? Post your examples in the comment section below and start the conversation!