Almost everyone has dealt with a recruitment agent at one time or another, in one way or another.  For me, who has dealt with them at both as both a supplier and a customer it has always struck me that they let themselves down in the follow up.  For a sector who’s sole reason for existence is people, they traditionally don’t “do” them very well.

Don’t get me wrong, the nicest person you can meet is a recruitment agent.  They make you feel important, you have the perfect resume if you are looking for a job, or the perfect environment if you are looking for staff.  They fall over though in the follow up.  Calls are not returned, hours stretch into days, into weeks and you are left wondering who was number one in their heart now.  For a ‘supplier’ looking for their next job, contract or placement this lack of communication can be demoralising and it really doesn’t need to be that way.   These days  job hunter numbers are growing and more pressure is put on agents to provide quality ‘product’ leaving less time for agents to keep up-to date and timely communications.

Bulletin is partnering with other successful software providers to help solve this issue.  We are working with some smart people who have already seen the challenges and are solving some of them.  For example Resourceware has been providing the industry leading software RESMAN since 1994.  Providing the complete vertical package RESMAN is now integrated with our Bulletin Messenger service for SMS messaging giving the agents a cheap and direct line of communication directly to their stable of people.  Of course, this not only means that they can remind job seekers of addresses on the morning of the first interview.  It not only means that they can send an SOS to all the temps when a shift comes up but it also means that they can touch base with minimal investment in time and cost.  20 or 2000 candidates could wake up to your words in the morning, knowing you care could be all it takes to get them through the day.

For example, Emergent Recruitment is a division of the very successful Emergent group based in NZ.  They provide recruitment in the high-end job-contracting market and use RESMAN  as an important operational tool.  Realising that SMS is a great way of communication with stakeholders, both internal and external they decided to utilise what RESMAN offered in that area and we are happy to have them join our family too.  Integrating seamlessly into their existing systems they were quickly able to reduce costs and improve communication at the same time.

If you are in the business of people, and who isn’t, then consider how just a little bit of investment in communication can reap rewards in loyalty and the bottom line. knows SMS works, just ask us how we can help you see that too.