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We recently announced the latest addition of a native iPhone app companion to our Bulletin Messenger messaging platform called Messenger App, extending the functionality and mobility of Bulletin Messenger to a native app interface.

Now more than ever, workers are on the go and dependent on mobile messaging for effective communication and information gathering in the workplace.  Bulletin’s new Messenger app brings the power of Bulletin Messenger to iOS and (in early 2015) Android devices, allowing users to access the application and send and receive messages no matter where they are or whether they are online. With a lightweight touchscreen smartphone interface custom-designed and optimized for iOS and Android, users will gain an enhanced mobile experience and eliminate their need to be tied to a mobile browser.

With Messenger app, end-users can manage dozens or even hundreds of text message conversations and benefit from the same chat messaging, threaded conversations and bulk messaging features that have made Bulletin so popular around the globe.  It enables users to never worry about missing important messages while away from their desks again.

Messenger app also integrates both OTT and SMS platforms into one streamlined application to simplify and enhance communication and collaboration for end-users. s Messenger app seamlessly converts the message to SMS.

Users are able to send and receive free OTT messages when using a web-based network and SMS when they are out of data range – Messenger app seamlessly and automatically converts the messages for you.  No matter the circumstances, Bulletin’s Messenger app ensures you are always in the loop and able to receive mission-critical messages.

Bulletin’s Messenger app allows employees using BYOD to have a business number without another carrier account. End-users can enjoy the simplicity of having one number for both email and SMS. The innovation also allows for full address book integration; end-users can populate their personal and company address books, making the management and sharing of contacts simple and secure.

Bulletin has made a name for itself through the cutting-edge technology of their web app, and continues to remain at the forefront of the industry with it’s brand new innovative application. Learn more about Bulletin Messenger app by visiting