Sometimes it feels like the more things change the more they stay the same and you are right… Messenger has changed so much in the last 10 years it almost looks exactly the same as it did in 2003.  Sure, we have added new features like email2sms, bulk sender, expanded address books, a mobile interface and more but it looks much the same as it did the night the Govenator said good night to both his families and went off to rescue Cali.

Erin, our new designer, impressed us in her second interview with a vision for the future of Messenger.  It was not hard to see how it would improve our user’s experience and make them more efficient and maybe even send more messages.  Ease of use is a big thing and there is nothing more frustrating than making the same mistake time and time again because the software is just not that into you and decisions made by a developer 10 years ago make no sense today (if they ever did).

We are trying to reimagine how Messenger should work, trying to take the feedback of tens of thousands of users and distil that into something that is not too scary and maybe even something you would like… (we won’t judge you, you should meet some of our developers… they like strange stuff too!).


Quick links to other Bulletin services


The current service is highlighted so if you get blinded by the coolness and lost in it all, look here.


Link through to your billing account and dashboard


The left menu has moved!!!
Yep, it’s up here now.  Mouse over the icons to see what they are but we think the wee images are pretty clear but are sure that Tammy won’t think so.
Click the icon and be taken away.  The submenus (see 6) will be shown in case you need something a little less ordinary but most of the popular feature will be sitting on this first page.
We are going to use the space gained from moving the menu to give you more detail and added feature. Stay tuned.


Search the Messenger documentation


Sub-menus are listed across here to access some of the less popular features or those with a good sense of humor but a little hard on the eye. You may find features you didn’t know were there!


A quick link to a primer on the current page to tell you what’s it all about and links to manual references if you are into that kind of details. If you are not sure of anything on the page try this first.


Blurb to get you started.  It will only show the first few times and you can hide it anyway but one of you might find it useful. If it turns red then read it!


Search the current data (Templates for this example but it could be contacts, messages or email2sms addresses)


Add/New/Create/Spawn.  All these mean the same thing really.  We chose “New” and hopefully will be consistent with it.  Click this to create something ‘New’. What that might be will depend on where you are and in this case it will be a new Template.  Gedit?


Tables are sortable, just click the header


‘Things’ could have lots of actions you could do to them.  We like to think that you will send messages a lot so that is why that is a separate button (see 14) but there are other maintenance type actions that you could perform.  If there is more than one we try to pick the most common and make that the default action but then give you one of those split button things that all the kids are using these days.  Click the arrow to expand and see what else you could do with the Template/contact/email2sms address etc… you might be surprised (in a nice way, not like that time at band camp)


Sometimes there is not much you can do.  For example if someone has shared their templates then all you get to do with them is use them or duplicate them.  Use is its own button and the additional action button only has one option… You can’t edit, you can’t remove so get over it.


If we could make this the only option it would be great.  Use Use Use and our message cup will runneth over.  However we can’t make you send all the time but we can make it easy for you to do so when you want to.  Be it a template to use, a group to use, a contact to use or a message to use, we want to make it easy for you to use.  Think of us as your dealer.


Show the love on your prefered social network.  Did you also know that our affiliate program earns you cold hard Paypal credit so if you want to get paid to show love then sign up now and share your affiliate code.
In addition to the new elements, the pages are wider, the pages load faster, the colors are nicer but the support is still as good as ever.  Somethings will never change!

When are we doing it?

Starting later this week and over the next few months you will notice changes (unless you are too wrapped up in Angry Birds then you won’t notice anything) as we attack (nice wee ‘Angry’ reference) each page.  We will make mistakes and we will break some eggs (notice the ‘Birds’ reference again?) and annoy some of you who have gotten used to the quirks.  But this is not about you, this is about everyone else (unless we annoy everyone in which case this is about you sort of) and we are finding that most of you only use a small subset of the services we offer and we think it is because it is more complicated than it should be.

We will deal with a few of the less used pages (eg the templates one shown) and take your feedback from that any put it into the next phase as we roll out the changes throughout the site.  Some of the things we add won’t make too much sense until later but at the end of the day (tbc) your experience with Messenger will hopefully be better because as Arnold said “Failure is not an option. Everyone has to succeed.”

What can you do?

Easy, we need your patience and your feedback.  As we go through this process feel free to get in touch and heave bricks or bouquets at us. It is a great opportunity to give us your feedback at a time when we are in a position to do something about it.  We’ll have a link to a feedback form/survey so leave anonymous feedback if you want, or we can credit you with the comments if you want.

We are not going to be able to satisfy everyone but we will take it all on board and probably all too personally.  Change is inevitable and we hope to make the transition easy for you.

If there is something that changes that is just unpalatable to you and we can not work out a way around it so you choose to leave, then we will waive the normal 30 days notice period AND credit your last month subscription against any messages.

If there is something we do that makes you really happy then head over to choose their ‘Commerce St’ store and deliver to Level 8, 16 Kingston Street.  We’ll eat most things from there and two of their pies is enough to keep us motivated and more open to suggestions 🙂

To all our 30,000+ loyal users, thank you for your support and I hope that you too will feel these changes are well over due.

“I welcome and seek your ideas, but do not bring me small ideas; bring me big ideas to match our future.”, Arnold Schwarzenegger