Very soon we will be introducing a new release of both our Messenger product and website. This is slated for April 8th

This is a hugely exciting time for Bulletin as we take on a new livery and image. Hundreds of hours of work have gone into nailing the user experience and ensuring that the platform is easier to use – not just on desktops but also on tablets.

 New Bulletin!


We’ve dropped the .net and we’ll soon be Bulletin. A new colour palette and a cracking new logo feeling fresh and vibrant to match the products and services.


 New Navigation



Super-light navigation focusing on clean layout.

Fewer mouse and finger movements.

A better tablet experience.

 Fluid Layout


Everyone now has a big screen – and the days of small monitors are over.

We’ve made Messenger work on any screen size – but if you want really small then you should try Touch2TXT for messaging on the move.

The other stuff


  • Conversations have a pie-chart and only show actual statuses in this conversation
  • More room for groups within the contacts modal with default view being groups the contact is in
  • Heaps of bugfixes and usability improvements.



Mikal Todd

Director, R+D