Our  team has been working tirelessly to bring you the latest version of the Messenger product. One of the key goals of early 2013 is to have a product look and feel how you want it and we’re proud to announce that we have met the first milestone.

 User Theming


You can now have Messenger look the way you want it with a selection of themes available to apply to your account.


Simply look under Messenger settings (cogs/gears top right) and you’ll see a link to Theme Options.

Coming soon is fully custom theming for business – login, set some colours, upload a logo and setup a domain in minutes.

Note from the author – if you fancy a trip to the Dark Side – try Astro.


 Awesome Reporting



We’ve made reporting easier to use while also adding in features you have all been asking for.

  • Reports are now graphical giving you at-a-glance understanding of what you are looking at
  • You can search the reports for users and recipients
  • You can view the message content of a specific message including other details
  • Ranges can be exported to CSV format

There are more exciting developments in the pipeline including automatic emailing of reports and the ability to bookmark/save reports.


 Configurable STOP Processing

For folks texting an external audience it’s important from both a legal compliance and usability perspective for recipients to be able to “opt-out” from receiving messages from a company or individual. Up until now you’ve had to contact Bulletin to get this working.

We’ve put the STOP processing into the heart of Messenger, so you can switch it on then add in additional keywords as alternatives to STOP. When a STOP message is received the sender of the message is placed into your blocklist so you can easily see who has opted-out.


 Touch2TXT Improvements

We’ve made some speedups to Touch2TXT and it now zips along. Less time waiting, more time texting.

The navigation has been moved to the bottom of the screen with Compose, Inbox and Sent folders readily available.

Setting and logout have been moved to the top right under the cogs item

Lots of other improvements

We want to make your life easier and have the product do what you want it to do before you even know what you want to do! We’ve done a lot in this release to make that a reality and there is much more in the pipeline.

  • New Address Book management screen. We’ve made it much cleaner, consistent and moved the import into the Address Book. Imports now also import fields
  • Decide which columns you want to view for contacts in a specific address book. Only using email and country? Just display those – easy
  • Contacts and groups are now in convenient modals consistent with the rest of the application so you don’t forget what you were originally doing
  • Search criteria on the Inbox remembered as you navigate around
  • Conversational Threading setting moved into Messenger Settings from the Inbox and shared across different browsers
  • Your company users can be used as contacts when composing a message – set this in Company Settings

As always we’re looking for ways to improve and value your feedback. We hope you enjoy the product!

– Mikal Todd, Head of R+D