Corporate communications can be a delicate balance of presenting information that satisfies the company, the public, and the investors/shareholders. Communicating with investors has the added challenge of presenting information in an honest, favorable manner while managing expectations along with powerful, and often diverse, personalities. Investors and shareholders are generally quite busy individuals who need to receive necessary information in a concise fashion, and sending information and updates via SMS message can be a powerful communication tool to successfully reach this key audience.

Communicating updates, earnings, and general company information to key investors and stakeholders via SMS carries three distinct benefits.


1) Instant, ubiquitous communications channel: SMS is available on all carriers – SMS messages will be received with any wireless provider – so you are certain your message will be received. In the world of fast-pace news updates where internal corporate updates can become public news before a press release has been printed, your shareholders will always feel connected with instant SMS message updates.

2) Concise: The limitations of SMS text length, 160 character limit, creates one of the channels biggest strengths – SMS messages must be concise, direct and to the point. Investors and stakeholders are generally busy individuals that prefer to receive information that simply displays the bottom line. SMS forces you to write concisely. You can always link-to or email the extended version of the text, but you will be able to get across the main message instantly.

3) Personal: SMS messages are very personal. Cell phones have become a part of us – the device is within arms-length at all times for most professionals. An SMS message gives the investor/shareholder the sense the company is directly communicating with them and they will receive the information instantly. SMS message is a nice, personal touch to corporate communications.

Whether it’s a standard quarterly earnings update, corporate crisis, or simply updates on promotions and departments, SMS messages will make your investors and shareholders feel connected and properly informed. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to improve your corporate communications to make your investors and shareholders happy, which generally makes everyone a little happier.