For a long time you’ve been asking for custom versions of our Messenger platform – either  for a complete white-label used by a reseller or a co-branded edition for company internal usage. In order to make this possible we have taken a long term view on the structure of the product so that ultimately just about every part of the user experience colouring, wording, correspondence, emails etc can be decided on-the-fly.

Most competitors will tell you they have “White-Labelling” and please contact sales. Soon afterwards you get roped into an expensive and time consuming customisation process. You’ll pay too. Our White-Labelling can be instantly provisioned and customised by you in real time. You can login, transfer your domain or request a custom subdomain, set the colours, logo etc all immediately. No wait, zero fuss.

The latest Messenger – released 29th April 2013 PST (30th NZST) looks a little bit like this:


  Instant White-Labeling


We’ve made the platform extremely easy for resellers and businesses to design a platform for their use and their customers. With an easy point-and-click interface you can rapidly design your user interface in real-time. A handy instant preview lets you visualise your changes before applying them.

Because we’ve done all the hard work investing in a smart and flexible platform it won’t cost you hundreds of thousands a year in fees, nor will you need teams of developers and a farm of servers to own the best texting platform in the world. Contact Sales to get this feature enabled in your Messenger account and join the revolution.

Make it awesome

Messenger awesome girly branding

Apply your own colour scheme dynamically to the product with instant preview and real time application.   


White-Labelling provides the ability to make the Messenger product yours. Customers and staff will use the product and not be aware it is being hosted and run by Bulletin. Standard White-Label removes all Bulletin branding (headers and footers) and any references to Bulletin. Contact Sales if you would like the White-Label product to be integrated to your website and/or custom headers and footers.

Custom and off-the-shelf domains

White-Labeling has the capability of using either custom domains (which you or your administrator will need to alter to point to us) or a subdomain e.g which is dedicated to your service both as an online entrypoint and for email2sms messages.

All White-Label accounts have a free custom login URL e.g<yourpath> you can use – which you could call from your website to directly log customers into the platform.

Custom Email to SMS

Lots of businesses use email2sms without even realising it – the only giveaway is the from: address in the replies is

You can now have a subdomain or setup one of your own domains  for email2sms.

No more and lots of !

  Numerous Tweaks and Improvements


Apart from White Labelling this release has had a focus on usability and defect reduction. Here are some of the headline items:

  • Traffic to and from Virtual Numbers are identified in the Inbox and Sent folders with a luggage label symbol
  • The saving of drafts is shown in the compose screen and the draft count is visible in the navigation bar
  • Messages inside the “Message Inspector” inside reporting can be navigated directly to by clicking a link – if you have permission to view of course
  • Improved number validation and usability of the Recipients field on the compose page
  • Consistent terminology in the reporting section – and some bugfixes
  • Edit Groups -> Contacts now has the setting to show only contacts that are a member of the group
  • Heaps of bugfixes

As always we’re looking for ways to improve and value your feedback. We hope you enjoy the product!

– Mikal Todd, Head of R+D