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Extend the power of Bulletin Messenger to a native mobile app

Bulletin Messenger, the premier mobile messaging platform that drives communications at enterprises across the globe, now has a mobile companion. Your Messenger inbox and outbox will stay synced between the web and your mobile phone at all times.

Online or off, they’ll get the message

Send and receive messages from Messenger web client or from the Messenger app. If the recipients are online, they will receive a chat message. If they are offline, your message will automatically be sent as a text message. On the web or on their phone, online or off.

Integrates seamlessly with your phone and Messenger contacts

Send messages to contacts from your Messenger address books or your phone contacts. Predictive entry and search make it easy to enter multiple recipients’ names.

Makes BYOD a breeze

The Messenger app can be provisioned on devices remotely using the Google Play Private Channel available to companies with Google managed devices. If your office is “Bring Your Own Device” they can download the Messenger app from the Google Play Store.