At Bulletin we are always listening to your feedback and adapting the Messenger product to suit what you need to do. This month we are releasing an exciting addition to the Messenger Chat functionality.


Bulletin announces GROUP CHAT!


Group chat allows you to message, in real time, with groups of your colleagues, ensuring everyone is in the know wherever they are. In today’s business environment communication is key and Group chat is a perfect tool to easily keep your project and company up to date and informed. Group chat, like normal chat, will fall back to sending text messages if you’re out and about and lose connectivity, this means you’re never in danger of missing that critical message




  To begin a group chat select the Group Chat icon.

Blog 1



  Next add in the staff you want to chat with.

Blog 2



 Finally type in your message and send.

Blog 3


Thats it. We like to keep things simple.  We hope you enjoy this exciting new feature as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.


To schedule a demo of this and other features of Bulletin Messenger please contact us today!


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