The big news in this update of the Messenger platform is the ability to personalize texts for multiple recipients by including such things as their name, interests and just about anything you desire. This is accomplished using a new feature, SMS Merge, that allows you to include information from your contacts quickly and easily through our rich compose page.

We’ve also provided integration with Parallels Automation 5.4 via an APS 1.2 package. With this ISPs and Telcos can provide text messaging capability to their customers with minimal configuration with the service hosted by Bulletin in the cloud.

The latest version of Messenger – released 1st September 2013 – looks a little bit like this:


  SMS Merge


SMS Merge provides an intuitive and straightforward means to personalise text messages to your audience. You can create a near infinite number of merge fields enabling you to blast out to multiple recipients quickly and easily. This is the killer feature for marketing.

If you would like to find out more, just login or signup and give it a try, or have a look at the documentation. We hope you enjoy it!

Connect with your audience







  Parallels Automation Integration


Many service providers utilise Parallels Automation to provision and deploy cloud services for their customers seamlessly and with minimum overhead. We’re excited to announce that we have integrated the Bulletin Messenger platform with Parallels Automation via an APS 1.2 Package.

If you use or are thinking of using Parallels Automation you can now provide SMS Texting Services to your customers – with full customer control panel integration as well as resource management providing integration with Parallels Billing Automation (PBA).

Our APS package is currently undergoing certification with Parallels and will be launched in the store soon. Until then, please contact sales and we can provide you with access.


 Everything Else


Aside from Mail Merge and Parallels Integration this release has had a focus on usability and defect reduction. Here are some of the headline items:

  • Traffic to and from Virtual Numbers are identified in the Inbox and Sent folders with a luggage label symbol
  • The saving of drafts is shown in the compose screen and the draft count is visible in the navigation bar
  • Messages inside the “Message Inspector” inside reporting can be navigated directly to by clicking a link – if you have permission to view of course
  • Improved number validation and usability of the Recipients field on the compose page
  • Consistent terminology in the reporting section – and some bugfixes
  • Edit Groups -> Contacts now has the setting to show only contacts that are a member of the group
  • Heaps of bugfixes

Coming Soon

We’re working hard inside our skunkworks to bring the following features in the coming weeks. If you would like to know more or get onto a Beta program for any of these please contact our sales team.

  • Send and receive messages via your Android Device
  • Fully interactive introductions and tutorials
  • Improved reliability and performance
  • Your email address texts your phone
  • Authorisation and roles
And much much more.  We have a big surprise coming soon, but for that you’ll have to wait and see.

As always, we’re looking for ways to improve and value your feedback. We hope you enjoy the product!

– Mikal Todd, Head of R+D