Our Bulletin Messenger platform is scheduled for an update next week or maybe a little later.  The exact timing is to be advised but once our testers are happy we’ll post the details and ‘leak’ some information about the changes.

We are rather proud of this release, not only for what is in it, but also for what it allows us to do over the next few months.  The immediate changes will be noticeable as Erin (our designer) has a vision that includes more space, more features but more clarity.  Some other changes are less obvious to most except our power users but all add to the value of Bulletin Messenger.

We have taken on-board many comments and suggestions and we hope to get further constructive feedback from our users after this release to work into the next cycle.  Just between you and me that release will include an updated messaging API, improved address book management and probably the ability to schedule recurring messages thanks to Kerry, one of our Senior Developers and NKOTB.