There are so many demands on our marketing budget. Where does a modern marketer invest their resources make the most impact for their brand? There is one device that has infiltrated nearly everyone’s life – the mobile phone.

SMS on mobiles is ubiquitous. A successful well-planned mobile marketing strategy now delivers a larger bang for your marketing buck. SMS text messaging works. With SMS text messages averaging 92% open rate within an hour of receipt, it is certainly the number one channel for the modern audience.

Let us take a simple example of a brand wanting to talk with its customers. A simple campaign calling an inbound txt can get consumers’ name, gender, age, and email. Here is an example inbound message:

David 28 Male

Straight away you have got their mobile number, name, gender, age and email address. You also know they exist and are responsive – a marketer’s dream! Now let’s follow that lead…

You could respond to such a message and perhaps organise further engagement. For example:

Thanks David. Nike’s new range of men’s track shoes has been emailed. Quote “AHL24B” when ordering & you’ll go into our million dollar sweepstakes

That’s only 146 characters or a 1 part SMS.

Let’s try a different industry and a different example:

Hi David, 100k Life insurance policy for a 28 year old male is now only $5.80pw. TXT “YES” & one of our advisers will call you. T&C in your email.

Only 146 characters and your lead is pre-qualified.

SMS – maximise the use of your budget and reach your audience in any country at any time.

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