The proliferation of travel nursing companies has created a convenient way for patients to receive the care they need from the comforts of their own home, and in order to keep this system running, communication is key to keep nursing staff in the know at all times.  BulletinMessenger provides a fast and simple solution to enable this communication at low cost to travel nursing companies, making it easier than ever to provide necessary information and interaction between the company, nurses, doctors, and potential and existing patients and their families, through mobile messaging.

Since field nurses share the workload in most organizations, this new and innovative outlet for communication provides a simple way to provide instant updates to the necessary staff.  These updates can include:

  • The availability and confirmation of shifts
  • Critical company updates or policy changes
  • Confirmation of hours for the Payroll Department
  • Marketing campaigns

As the use of smartphones rises steadily, this unique solution for travel nursing is more attainable than ever.  In addition to internal and external communications, companies have even leveraged Bulletin’s smart mobile messaging solution to create and send marketing campaigns that reach potential clients interested in starting in-home nursing care.  This unlocks previously untapped revenue potential and enables these organizations to further grow their business.

Learn more about Bulletin Messenger and how it can help your travel nursing organization grow while improving patient.  Contact us today!