File Downloads


The File Downloads feature is the ability for a sender to send a link or document via SMS or Chat. The link specified is not accessible to anybody other than the intended recipient or recipients.

This feature allows users to send files of up to 50MB in size securely, with the attachments available to users for up to 6 months. Attachments can be sent to single recipients or to a group of recipients, with the added benefit that Messenger caters for multiple formats of these attachments.


Google Translate


The integration of Bulletin Messenger with Google Translate allows for messages, both inbound and outbound, to be translated into all languages supported by Google for this feature. This is available for both Mobile and Web versions of Messenger.

Messenger remembers your favourite language and offers it as top choice next time you use the service. The Translation feature can be enabled or disabled at the Company-level, with your Company’s Administrator able to allow access for all.


Typical use cases and benefits


Some common translation use cases and benefits include:

  • It opens new markets previously not accessible due to language barriers
  • Allows translations services for the Hospitality and Tourism sector
  • Provides medical translation services for prescriptions and clinical trials
  • Technical Support teams can provide support for International customers

Common file download use cases and benefits include:

  • It provides customers with confidence of the handling of their information
  • Allows companies to be compliant when sharing confidential files
  • It saves customers money by shortening the overall length of messages

These are just some use cases added to our already extensive list.


Our previous update: Did you know you can now authenticate API messages with a token rather than username and password? Go to for more details. Also, consider changing your password to something more secure.