Patents for SMS Messaging Solutions

  • Two Way & Threaded Messaging
  • Scheduled Messaging
  • Data over SMS

mTag – Innovative, Unique and Powerful Messaging Technologies

Superior-performance, lower-cost and more effective mobile messaging.
Because the messaging technology platforms are different for computer systems and mobile phones, historically it has been difficult and often impossible to ensure optimum delivery of replies back to the message sender. Bulletin’s mTag patented technology uniquely resolves this problem automatically so that our customers who send messages from their computer or web application to mobile phones:

  • can rely on receiving their replies
  • can see those replies attached to their original message
  • and do not have to invest in building, maintaining and constantly growing an in-house message-threading software system.

This technology provides Bulletin clients with superior-performance, lower-cost and more effective mobile messaging.

US Patent 6134432 Message Threading enables messaging conversations similar to email using SMS. Bulletin’s connectivity facilitates these services on any device, any network, any country.

US Patent 6178331 Scheduled Messaging enables SMS messages to be broadcast at a pre-determined time. Bulletin provides scheduling within its Connect, Messenger and Keyword Management platforms

US Patent Application 20110093949 Command Codes Over SMS enables encoding to be transmitted over SMS. This can be for example used for data compression or control of remote devices.

Multiple, concurrent conversations: no code, no apps.

A few lines of code and you are up & running

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