Features & Benefits

Empowering customers with intuitive and easy self-service

Software your business will love

Use anywhere

Send messages from any internet-capable device

User management

Oversee other users and allow privacy or collaboration between accounts

Contacts and Groups

Import contacts and groups to have an easily accessible addressbook


Track messages and replies to make sure you're achieving your goals

Adaptable to how you work

Email to SMS

Send text messages without leaving your mailbox

Bulk personalised messaging

Use a CSV file or contact group to send a personalised message to 10 or 1,000 people

Conversational two-way SMS

Manage one- or two-way conversations with staff or customers

Tools make it too easy


Save time by creating templates to re-use at the click of a button

Scheduling messages

Never forget to send a message by scheduling it for later or setting it to repeat


Automate your processes by letting received keywords trigger specific actions


Integrate with other systems to allow you to send messages without leaving your application

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