After extensive research Puma New Zealand recently decided to use SMS as part of their marketing mix after determining that it provided a low cost, relevant way to interact with their customers.  Using dedicated short codes it increases brand visibility and the interaction augments their contact database allowing them to both broadcast special offers to increase traffic into their stores and, to join the conversation with the texting youth market.

Puma has two flagship stores in New Zealand, one at Auckland and other at Christchurch.  Store Managers of both stores are excited (and relieved too) with the simplicity and versatility of the SMS based services offered by Bulletin.  They are using Bulletin Campaigner and Messenger back to back, along with the exclusive 5811 short code across the NZ carriers for full market coverage.

Campaigner gives them an easy to use platform to manage automatic responses to SMS as well as generate reports and feed SMS messages to the relevant internal teams by email for SMS forwarding.
Puma decided to target customers with discounts on specific product lines to move excess stock and also up sell. The Store Managers set up keywords in Campaigner for the customer to text and receive a discount voucher in the response message. These keywords and the short code are displayed prominently at the point of sale e.g.  “Text SNEAKERS to 5811 to receive a 20% discount on the product”.  The customer can then show this voucher at the check-out to claim the discount.
The phone numbers from Campaigner are added to the existing subscriber database within Messenger, and special offers are sent periodically.  After just two weeks their opted in lists are growing at about 10% per day!
The customer is also provided with the option to opt-out via SMS, reducing overheads and ensuring that Puma comply with relevant anti spam rules and SMS best practices.

Messenger is the real kicker though. Their campaigner subscribers are added to a mailing list to allow them to broadcast messages promoting special events or product lines. At present Puma are sending out special offers twice monthly as they realise that sending too often dilutes the message and may lead to backlash from their customers. On the flip-side, if they send less frequently then the relationship they are building does not get as much love as it should.

Bulletin is proud to be chosen as the prefered SMS supplier for Puma NZ and we look forward to a long relationship.  If you are looking for a trusted partner to help build your brand and communicate with your market then get in touch with me today.