Readyspace + Bulletin
As application-to-mobile messaging continues its unparalleled growth in the mobile market, businesses are realizing the overwhelming potential this new technology has to change the landscape of business communication and create new messaging revenue opportunities.  A faster, easier, and more effective form of communication, recent industry research projects the A2P SMS messaging market to grow to upwards of $60 billion by 2018.

Communication is a critical element in all aspects of business, both internally with employees and employers, as well as externally to customers and clients. Two-way messaging delivered instantly creates an open line of communication between computer or web applications and mobile phones or devices. Fast and simple communication fosters an environment for improved productivity within an organization, as well as enhanced customer satisfaction.

Through an integration with Parallels Automation, Singapore-based cloud and managed hosting provider ReadySpace is taking advantage of leading cloud-based mobile messaging SaaS provider Bulletin’s Messenger suite to reach their customers instantly via SMS messaging.  Ahead of the curve, ReadySpace is leveraging Bulletin’s messaging platform to provide business customers with an easy-to-use, feature-rich, cross-platform messaging service that enables the efficient send and receipt of customer special offers, automatic server alerts to IT teams, and more.  Leveraging Messenger’s threaded conversation feature, ReadySpace customers can also manage multiple conversations with their clients.  And because Bulletin Messenger also integrates with various email clients, ReadySpace is able to send SMS messages to customers directly from email.

Bulletin provides ReadySpace and other carriers, hosting providers, Internet and managed service providers with the most cutting-edge messaging solutions for simple, affordable, and effective communication.

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